Black & White Vol. 101

Now that I'm writing a lot more than simple photo posts, I decided to change the black and white street and documentary into a "volume" series so it could sit alongside my essays and other articles in a more discrete fashion. I started at 101 because there's already so much of this in the blog history!

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Mid-August Street Phoblography

This weekend has been full of street photography in the sunlit weather. I must admit, I've felt a little bit purposeless beyond just topping up the "body of work", but I've got some interesting pictures to choose from at any rate. At the end of the year, I'm thinking of printing contact sheets of all my B&W street photography to start selecting for a photo book, even if its just for myself and a few others

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West End Camera Club Catchup

Hannah and I came back to a consistent layer of clouds covering Brisbane all week, which if nothing else, made for nice soft lighting to take pictures with when catching up with everyone from the West End Camera Club.

Mount Cordeaux (North Peak)

This morning I left home at 4am with the intent of climbing Mount Cordeaux to the main lookout, about 1,100 metres above sea level. To my surprise I met another photographer named Fred McKie, who does anything from commercial photography to architecture, lifestyle and landscapes.

We both ended up walking the extra 30 minutes to Bare Rock north along the ridge from Mount Cordeaux lookout.

Melbourne Part 4

After seeing the Shrine of Remembrance, we headed back through the city to the hotel, stopping for soup at The Soup Place (Degraves St) and hot chocolate at Koko Black. I had a stunning sunset flight home to Brisbane.

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Melbourne Part 2

We stopped at Torquay and Anglesea along the Great Ocean Road, then had wood-fired pizza and dessert at Split Point before heading back to Melbourne that night. These are from the earlier portion of the trip.

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Melbourne Part 1

I booked flights to Melbourne this year on a whim without any actual plans. What came together was one of my favourite weekends down there so far. I was still relatively sick with a cold on the first day so I wandered around, caught up with a friend then went back and slept the night off.

The next day I caught up with Genevieve and her friends before heading down the Great Ocean Road for a short road trip with Connor, Simon, Hannah and Lana. It was wild and raining at times but beautiful. The next post will have more of that.

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