Photographs should be printed. It took me a long time to finally start printing my work, but there isn't a better feeling of seeing and holding your work in your hands. That's why I'm now offering prints of my work for anyone interested.

Handmade & Signed Prints
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I'm approaching this from a different angle than many by leaving the selection opened ended and up to you. I have a lot of photographs from many genres including portraits, landscapes, street photography and still life to choose from.

Whether it's a colour, black and white, film still or digital image, take a look through my various portfolios and galleries, photo blog posts or my Instagram feed.

Purchase either the A4 or A3 sized print, and I will hand print, sign and ship it to you. Just let me know which image it is you want to have printed in the form provided. If there are any delays due to ink or paper supply, I will let you know via e-mail.

5x7" colour prints on Ilford Gold Mono Silk semi-gloss paper.

A4 & A3 Prints

I currently print to standard A4 (297x210mm) and A3 (420x297mm) print sizes. These are similar in size to 8x11" and 11x17" prints.

Please let me know in the form if you wish to have a custom margin size for printing. For A4 prints, I print for a 6x9" matte and for A3 I will use a 1.5" margin.

Fine Art Quality

The printer I use is capable of extremely fine detail printing, especially on high resolution digital images.

That being said, even 35mm film looks amazing when printed on the Epson. The above sample is 35mm Kodak TRI-X printed on A4 Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss paper.

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