Practicing Decisiveness & Restraint In Photography

Over the course of my photographic journey, two concepts have become a large part of my how I shoot every day — decisiveness and restraint. Employing these has helped me to become a much more consistent and disciplined photographer, especially now as a film photographer with a finite amount of frames to expose every time I walk out the door.

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Photo Vol. 125

August is cold, well for a Queenslander anyway. I have my Leica M7 back now (about half way through this post) and it's working beautifully. You don't realise the effect a camera has on your shooting style until you are forced to use another, in this case a loud Nikon SLR. In the mean time, I've received my first large format lens, the Nikon 135mm f/5.6 in mint working condition. Still some weeks left before I can expect the Intrepid 4x5.

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On Documenting Street & Life

From my perspective, to be a street photographer is to be human and to seek out humanity, the absurdity of it, the chaos of it, the irony, the elation, the fleeting and the ever present, from a man smiling with me in Kyoto while busking, to a little girl in the act of throwing a ball in a backyard, to the tale of two bins taking on an anthropomorphised relationship.

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Black & White Vol. 105

I haven't touched my digital cameras in a while. TRI-X is bizarre and great and full of sand-like grain and I love it. My binder of negatives is growing, but I'm finding that some genres of photography I practice are better suited to high resolution colour raw files, so I've decided to pick up my Leica M again and use that for colour work where appropriate.

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Black & White Vol. 101

Now that I'm writing a lot more than simple photo posts, I decided to change the black and white street and documentary into a "volume" series so it could sit alongside my essays and other articles in a more discrete fashion. I started at 101 because there's already so much of this in the blog history!

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Mid-August Street Phoblography

This weekend has been full of street photography in the sunlit weather. I must admit, I've felt a little bit purposeless beyond just topping up the "body of work", but I've got some interesting pictures to choose from at any rate. At the end of the year, I'm thinking of printing contact sheets of all my B&W street photography to start selecting for a photo book, even if its just for myself and a few others

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People Looking At Things

Bit of random day in the city (again) shooting with Rocky's Summilux 35mm (again). It's a curious thing, this depth of field tool we have as photographers. As someone who uses a rangefinder with an separate optical view finder, I've tried not to rely on having shallow depth of field, but as I add the razor thin focus of the Summilux to toolbox again, I find its effect to have resonated with how I want photographs to portray their subject matter.

I think I'll have to go back to my own Summarit f/2.5 to recalibrate myself and figure out if I really would prefer to have the separation that is only possible at the wide aperture.