Black & White Vol. 101

Now that I'm writing a lot more than simple photo posts, I decided to change the black and white street and documentary into a "volume" series so it could sit alongside my essays and other articles in a more discrete fashion. I started at 101 because there's already so much of this in the blog history!

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People Looking At Things

Bit of random day in the city (again) shooting with Rocky's Summilux 35mm (again). It's a curious thing, this depth of field tool we have as photographers. As someone who uses a rangefinder with an separate optical view finder, I've tried not to rely on having shallow depth of field, but as I add the razor thin focus of the Summilux to toolbox again, I find its effect to have resonated with how I want photographs to portray their subject matter.

I think I'll have to go back to my own Summarit f/2.5 to recalibrate myself and figure out if I really would prefer to have the separation that is only possible at the wide aperture.

Weekend Adventure Hikers

Springbrook Warrie Circuit

As I get older, it's becoming more and more of a joy to meet people who embrace the early hours of the morning, whether it's meeting for breakfast at 8am on a Sunday, or heading out onto the road to climb a mountain at sunrise.

The "morning person" persuasion seems to invoke a sense of adventure and enthusiasm for spontaneity in life, starting with an early rise into the world. These people seem to have an intangible thirst to get up and do things.

This has become an all too important aspect of life in the last few years as I discover what I'm truly passionate about doing each and every day. 

South East Queensland from Mount Greville (facing generally south)

I work four days a week in an office, and while I enjoy the work, I cherish each weekend that I can get outside in the sun. Hiking and climbing the mountains in South East Queensland has become a huge part of that, and I want to extend that to overseas.

So I created a Facebook group exactly for the purpose of pushing this lifestyle of weekend adventures, incorporating fitness and photography into the hiking.

If you are an enthusiastic hiker or photographer who loves sunrise mountain climbs, photography and/or fitness based hiking in the South East Queensland area, don't hesitate to join my Facebook group to see photos, discuss hikes and join events.

Weekend Adventure Hikers on Facebook

Spontaneous solo climb up Mount Mitchell.

Springbrook Warrie Circuit

I was out in the forest again today with Dash, hiking the 17km Warrie Circuit down in Springbrook National Park. Legs are tired, but it's great to be out away from the city.

As I get more and more into hiking, I'm treating each hike as training towards bigger hikes. I'd love to get into overnight and multi-day hikes with camping eventually, especially in mountainous locations I'm inspired to visit from other photographers I follow.

Mount Cordeaux (North Peak)

This morning I left home at 4am with the intent of climbing Mount Cordeaux to the main lookout, about 1,100 metres above sea level. To my surprise I met another photographer named Fred McKie, who does anything from commercial photography to architecture, lifestyle and landscapes.

We both ended up walking the extra 30 minutes to Bare Rock north along the ridge from Mount Cordeaux lookout.