Spring Time & Old Hats Dusted Off

We all go through lulls in creativity, but nothing has been more consistent in its effect than the seasons. There's something about the warmer months that means changes in behaviour, activities pursued and in turn creative opportunities.

Nick Bedford
When Travel Leaves Subtle Change In Its Wake

Coming home from Bali was a bummer, but I was glad to get back into the swing of routine life. The strangest thing about travelling and returning is that you can feel so many different things towards either side of the flight. Bali was two weeks of non-stop novelty mixed with relaxation and excitement. Brisbane is home, routine, safety, comfort and familiarity.

EssayNick Bedford
Let's Go Sunrise Hiking

I'm breaking my own rule about this blog being mostly black and white. There's just too much nature in here to desaturate. Tom and I went sunrise hiking this morning over at Mount Greville in south east Queensland. Perfect weather, not a sound or soul in sight. Great way to start the week.

Nick Bedford
Mid-August Street Phoblography

This weekend has been full of street photography in the sunlit weather. I must admit, I've felt a little bit purposeless beyond just topping up the "body of work", but I've got some interesting pictures to choose from at any rate. At the end of the year, I'm thinking of printing contact sheets of all my B&W street photography to start selecting for a photo book, even if its just for myself and a few others