Australian portrait, landscape and street photographer.


I began this photo blog in the Summer of 2014 when I bought a Fujifilm X100s. It has turned into a lifeline of black and white photographic expression and writing. Browse through for a while if you care to.

Colour Vol. 3

My relationship to photography and being a photographer is changing a lot. I think in a lot of ways it could represent a maturity in my vision and an understanding of the purpose of photography within the larger context of my life. Now I feel like I've given myself the reins back and photography is sitting behind me, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs of life and art.

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ColourNick Bedford
Black & White Vol. 117

It's convenient that my Rodinal and 35mm negative sleeves ran out by the time I was ready for a bit of a break from shooting black and white film non-stop for the last few months since returning from New Zealand. I'll be back into it all once I've got some new supplies.

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On Documenting Street & Life

From my perspective, to be a street photographer is to be human and to seek out humanity, the absurdity of it, the chaos of it, the irony, the elation, the fleeting and the ever present, from a man smiling with me in Kyoto while busking, to a little girl in the act of throwing a ball in a backyard, to the tale of two bins taking on an anthropomorphised relationship.

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Black & White Vol. 116

I'm working on a local gallery showing opportunity that has presented itself, which is exciting as someone who only recently got into printing last year and has never exhibited any work before at all. I feel busy and not busy at the same time as wrestling with personal battles and finding new purpose, and I frankly can't foresee the result of it all in the near future.

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