Australian portrait, landscape and street photographer.


I began this photo blog in the Summer of 2014 when I bought a Fujifilm X100s. It has turned into a lifeline of black and white photographic expression and writing. Browse through for a while if you care to.

Black & White Vol. 113

It feels great to be shooting Tri-X again, from street photography to portraits to whatever else. I missed the process, the grain, the texture and the craft of it all. After coming back from New Zealand, the weather has been hot and muggy, so I've not gotten out for hiking at all despite plans to. Thankfully, it's Autumn now.

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New Zealand Journal — Part 1

That doubt about why I was here has since disappeared, thanks to the experiences I had on that trek as well as my brief time in Milford Sound. I made a few unplanned landscape photographs on the trek, enjoyed the stunning views and delighted in conversations with other travellers, and that has rekindled my love for this kind of adventure without the need for social media to drive it.

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A Photographer's Journal - January 2018

I quit Facebook, and Twitter, and Snapchat all within a week and to put it in simple terms, I feel human again. I had lived my entire twenties with Facebook and Twitter, compounded by the newer social media networks that followed in their wake during that decade. I lived my entire twenties as a young, connected, digital adult, never bored and never fully present in the here and now.

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