Introducing Frameable for Android

Created using the Frameable app.

Created using the Frameable app.

For a while I had been using an app that is no longer on the Google Play Store to frame up my photographs for Instagram in a square, but the options were very limited and didn't represent what I wanted to achieve, especially in light of Instagram Stories and other non-square presentation styles on social media.

So about a month ago, I began to work on my own app, first for Android, that would do everything I needed without having to use Photoshop on a computer as well. Aspects such as slightly rounded corners, framing and matted borders, placing the image anywhere in the frame, cropping the photograph as well as choices of background and border colours.

Just released today, 13th February 2019, is my first Android app called Frameable which does everything I needed and more. I'm really happy with the first release and have already been planning to start an iOS version as soon as I'm ready, given the large audience who may find it useful as well as the fact that I use Instagram on my iPad too.

It’s available for $1.19 AUD here. If you are enjoying the app, please leave a review! I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.