All In A Day's Walk — Gallery Open Until May 26

I recently met Sam and Chloe at their film lab Racquet Film in New Farm after chatting to them through Instagram for a little while. We came to the conclusion of creating a gallery showing of my work in their studio space after the previous photographer's gallery had finished.

So after working out the details, I got to work on selecting and printing the photographs that would go up. With two gallery "areas" and three main genres of work to my name, we decided to go with a primary showcasing of my recent street photography along with a flourish of colour prints from my portrait and landscape work, which is less extensive, but no less important a part of what I create.

The result is the All In A Day's Walk gallery which is on display now until May 26th at Racquet Film, 6/608 Brunswick St, New Farm in Brisbane. With Racquet's larger fine art printer at my disposal, I managed the printing of all A2 prints on Ilford's beautiful Gold Fibre Gloss paper.

All A2 gallery prints are available for purchase for $100 AUD and additional smaller sizes are available from my Prints page here on my website.

Drop in some film to Racquet, pick up some new rolls to shoot or just browse the gallery!

They're open Tuesday to Friday (11am-6pm) as normal as well as Saturdays (10am-2pm).