So we're both on the same page, these are the important things to know about the shoot and images we create. I've kept things as simple as possible!

Proofs are for you only

After the shoot, I’ll send you a set of proofs for you to choose your final images from. Save them to your computer, but they are not final works for sharing, so please keep them to yourself.

I'm still the copyright owner

The images I send you are subject to copyright laws. I own the copyright to the images and you are granted a license to use these images with attribution where possible and without modification, unless permitted.

Please don't filter my work

I’ve spent a long time discovering the best way to bring these photos to life with the colour and tones they exhibit. An image filter undoes that and no longer represents my work.

Get our names out there

I love collaborating, but sharing our work is just as important. If you publish my photographs somewhere, please mention my name, website or @nickjbedford if possible. I’ll do the same for you.

Attribution and user tags let's the world know what we're doing and who we are and spreads the word.

On portfolio collaboration

If I'm shooting for my portfolio, I will provide web-sized copies of the images I finish for basic use such as social media with attribution.

If you'd like to license these images with a full resolution copy for commercial use such as artwork, print or your page/website, you may purchase any of the final images at standard image pricing (see Extra Images).

Let’s have a fun shoot...

These terms are designed to avoid confusion as many people do not know how copyright and other terms apply to photography.

Above all, I want to make the shooting process an enjoyable one!