WECC Film Walk

This morning the West End Camera Club had a film photography walk around the city. I took my digital camera as well just in case, but I shot two rolls of Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 speed film on a Pentax K1000 / 50mm F2 camera.

The meter wasn’t working on the one that I was using so I had to constantly use my Sekonic light meter and guess exposures.

My favourite intersection in Brisbane it seems…

I think the Fuji X100s shutter is much quicker than I keep thinking it is. Timing is everything, right?

A whole bunch of classic Polaroid cameras for sale.

Security or special agent?

This guy was thrashing about before I took this picture.

Chocolate to die for…

Tyler couldn’t afford this slab of chocolate.

Was he looking at the chocolate or the pretty girls?

Failed experiment in capturing the motion of the train…