Photo Vol. 144

It's unsurprising to me that the digital camera's days were numbered as I look to sell it. Apart from a rainforest hike and a walk through the city streets, I haven't used the Sony A7R-iii. I guess that's not the point. I realised last year that I no longer led my life with the camera. Photographs, more often than not, have been the souvenirs of my experiences, representing how I feel about a particular place or person.

Film photography on my M7 and the Rolleiflex is the way I will continue to do that. It's more indirect, more tactile and mindful. It forces me to keep my head out of the camera and stay in the present. As well, I now see digital as merely a vessel for simulating film qualities, so it makes more sense to just shoot the real thing and deal with the challenges.

In spite of that, here is some colour and simulated B&W photography my brief time with the camera.