Photo Vol. 131

Joel Meyerowitz is my photographer of the month, having just finished watching his masterclass course. The videos only took about a week of scattered viewings to finish the five or so hours of content, but my appreciation for photography as a way of life and an artistic endeavour has been warmly received. Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of the course was that other than a few brief discussions, the technical aspects carried very little weight throughout each topic, which is true of photography as you reach a certain maturity and momentum. The cameras, film and choices fall away and simply become the tools you wish to use to execute your vision.

I would recommend this course for advanced photographers who are well beyond the learning curve of exposure, composition and cameras and who are now venturing into the rich and infinitely subtle world of expressive and artistic photography, which is most often driven by deeply personal motivations. Joel’s words and discussion sits far above the nuts and bolts of capturing images and motivates deeper thought about why you want to photograph the subject matter you do and what drives your aesthetic and choices.