Photo Vol. 130

It’s raining as I type this. Winter has passed, spring is in full bloom and so the clouds are returning. I feel different about “bad weather” this time around and I believe I have both film photography and my deeper personal adjustments this year are to thank for that. Tri-X and Portra films look beautiful in subdued, overcast conditions. The truth is I never enjoyed digital photographs under many conditions of light and weather, but the natural aesthetics of film stocks grant a license to use anything and any conditions as subject matter.

Also, with a greatly diminished existence on social media (Instagram only), no longer am I drawn away from my real life to lust after others’ lifestyles and adventures. It’s a very different way of being compared to where I was a year ago. These days I read a lot more books, I only shoot with film and I use the internet in a much more utilitarian fashion.

Being on the other side of the fence to all these major social networks puts everything in perspective, and after six months, I have become aware of how largely unnecessary and distracting these services are, despite some of their benefits.