Photo Vol. 124

Winter is slowly passing, and we're having some warm days here and there. The light is still quite beautiful most of the day. I find myself growing especially fond of colour film on the Rolleiflex and remaining true to my black and white 35mm style. I have no colour film scanning gear which influences my choice of film to generally monochrome.

I bought a Nikon 28mm F2.8 AF-D lens to use on both my digital and film Nikons. There's so much room in the frame! I feel more free and open with it, although I'm not used to having to be so close to things. Environmental scenes are easier to compose, but portraits are tough to execute on a 28mm without being medium shots or wider. I'm still waiting on the Leica M7 so I can get back to my standard 35mm.

I await the M7's return with bated breath! Though I now also await an Intrepid 5x4 view camera.