Black & White Vol. 111

That didn't take long to accrue again. Street photography, urban landscapes, catch ups with friends, and plenty of printing later. Winter is drawing on and so I'm enthusiastic to get back into the mountains and hike before it gets warm and the days get long. I have done barely any this year.

Lachlan from Racquet Studio/Film gave me a roll of Ilford HP5 PLUS to shoot for them to then develop and scan but due to scheduling and busy-ness, I ended up just doing it myself after about a month. Fun to let a roll of film sit for a while again and rediscover the photos taken.

I also shot some Ilford Pan F Plus (ISO 50) at the end as an experiment. Very smooth and very detailed film.

I'm going to deliberately put down the B&W film cameras for a little while now to shoot some colour. I frankly have been feeling a little starved of it!