Mid-August Street Phoblography

It's been a beautiful weekend in my home town of Brisbane. I'm back using my trusty Leica Summarit 35mm lens. I love that even the "budget" Leica lenses look wonderful. Next week, Rocky and I are meeting up with Simon in Melbourne for a day and a half running around taking pictures and drinking coffee. Looking forward to it.

This weekend has been full of street photography in the sunlit weather. I must admit, I've felt a little bit purposeless beyond just topping up the "body of work", but I've got some interesting pictures to choose from at any rate. At the end of the year, I'm thinking of printing contact sheets of all my B&W street photography to start selecting for a photo book, even if its just for myself and a few others.

I'm in the midst of a variety of daily-creative-life-things. Reading Henri Cartier-Bresson's Here & Now retrospective, getting back into writing my science fiction novel, doing a lot of general photography each weekend, learning the basics of Japanese by the time we visit next year, writing for my blog, learning to cook some non-western dishes, the list goes on. It's interesting how for me anyway, I feel like I must be constantly learning, creating or just thinking.

It's not until I'm out on a hike in the quiet forest that I seem to truly switch off, despite having a camera in my hand. My head seems to "clog up" while I'm within the city for too many weekends at a time.

Either way, enough about me, here's some damn pictures!