Black & White Vol. 102

I have a goal this year, and I have photo shoots and travel plans booked. I'm excited and anxious to get the train moving with my portraits. I have no idea where I will end up but I have a purpose and that purpose is to make portraits of amazing people while building a stream of professional work and momentum. I've always tried to make my portraits memorable, but I really want to approach as much of my new work from a fine art perspective, and I hope I achieve that.

Not only that, I've grown to appreciate the shallow depth of field effect for portraits once again, especially for separating my subjects from the environment, so I'm approaching my new work almost entirely at very wide apertures, which demands better lenses. 35mm and 50mm at F1.4 look beautiful if used in the right way.

Also, you'll see some photos shot on some old rolls of TRI-X on my new Nikon FA with the 50mm pancake.