Breakfast, Guards Of May, More Breakfast

This morning I caught up with Hannah and we both decided to start saving and planning for a New Zealand adventure late next year, including a multi-day hike such as the well known Routeburn track. It's great to finally have that amazing beautiful country in the calendar.

My good mate and hiking buddy Dash and I have been venturing into the realm of camping and backpacking, with the aim of eventually doing these multi-day treks through the wilderness. The next steps are to look for a suitable hiking tent and backpack and dive right in with some local overnighters. It's exciting realising something you've always thought of doing.

Then with the launch of their debut album, I went to The Zoo to see Guards Of May play. I love these guys, not because I used to be in the band but because they have done such an amazing job with the album and their recent growth in the local music industry. I'm proud of the level of musicianship they adhere to and the quality of their productions.

Tom and Jimmy (bass player)

The added benefit of being a former player with the band is sneaking in through the back door and hanging out with everyone. After the show we all went out for more drinks. Needless to say I'm feeling jet lagged this afternoon.

Richie (singer) and I

I was actually blown away with their performance. It had been a while since I'd seen them and even with Richie having a cold, they absolutely nailed it and I was laughing with joy at how professional and impressive their performance is becoming.

The next morning after about two hours sleep, I went off for breakfast with Simon, Stevee, Hannah and the little bundle of joy which is Ocean, Simon's son.

He is the most adorable, happy little guy I've ever seen.