Colour Vol. 1

I've been craving colour photography for a little while now, having shot over fifty rolls of black and white film. When you shoot film, you are binding yourself to a creative choice. With digital, you start with all colours and go from there. So I've put down the film cameras with intention to shoot with more colour.

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ColourNick Bedford
Black & White Vol. 111

That didn't take long to accrue again. Street photography, urban landscapes, catch ups with friends, and plenty of printing later. Winter is drawing on and so I'm enthusiastic to get back into the mountains and hike before it gets warm and the days get long. I have done barely any this year.

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Black & WhiteNick Bedford
Black & White Vol. 110

Bit of hiking, street photography, urban landscapes, portraits, coffee and art. It's been a good few weeks.

On a technical note, I've finally attained an accurate simulation of the Kodak black and white film I shoot, so I've been using the digital Leica M a little bit more lately, even if I don't get the same sense of enjoyment and "effort" that I do with film.

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Simulating Kodak Tri-X Black & White Film

Being able to shoot my digital Leica M Typ 240 and still achieve the feeling of Kodak Tri-X at same time as producing colour work is something I have been reaching for with a new effort to simulate, exactly, the look of 400TX. It has taken me a few months, but I think it's ready.

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EssayNick Bedford
Black & White. Vol 109

This last month or two has been a photographic life changer. I've really started to get my stride and momentum with some new black and white techniques around composition I've been trying ever since visiting Japan and starting to print.

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Black & White Vol. 108

We return you to our normal scheduling now. Apologies for the tall verticals. I've been shooting a lot more of them since I began printing my work. Printing has given me a much greater appreciation for the notion of creating art in photography, to the point where I'm composing differently and "for the print".

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