Black & White (& Colour) Vol. 104

I bought a Mamiya 6 medium format rangefinder for shooting 6x6 negs. 2017 has become a year of gear and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I have to prove my purchases with some work worthy of the investments, though at the moment, I can't scan 120 film so I'm only shooting a bit. Black and white film is amazing, digital not so much.

Black & White Vol. 103

Film has taken over my brain. I'm shooting a lot of Kodak TRI-X black and white on my Nikon FA now. I've also retired my favourite Summarit 35mm lens to be replaced by a faster Voigtländer 35mm F1.7 Ultron Aspherical. It's twice as long but hey.

Black & WhiteNick Bedford
The Satisfaction Of Making Film Photographs

I love digital for everything that it does to produce predictable, high quality results, but in all that it does do, it does not allow you to appreciate photography in the same way that film does. There's a tactile and physical craft involved in film and it took me a long time to appreciate, and to let go of everything digital had taught me photography was supposed to be.

EssayNick Bedford
Black & White Vol. 102

I have a goal this year, and I have photo shoots and travel plans booked. I'm excited and anxious to get the train moving with my portraits. I have no idea where I will end up but I have a purpose and that purpose is to make portraits of amazing people while building a stream of professional work and momentum.

Black & WhiteNick Bedford