Black & White Vol. 106 (Japan Digital Edition)

So I spent the last two weeks in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, shot a few hundred images and five rolls of film, have returned and now have a bunch of photographs to put somewhere. This is just the digital photos of my trip. Once I've developed and scanned my film, I'll do a film post, while working on more of an essay on my experience.

Nick Bedford
Black & White (& Colour) Vol. 104

I bought a Mamiya 6 medium format rangefinder for shooting 6x6 negs. 2017 has become a year of gear and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I have to prove my purchases with some work worthy of the investments, though at the moment, I can't scan 120 film so I'm only shooting a bit. Black and white film is amazing, digital not so much.

Black & White Vol. 103

Film has taken over my brain. I'm shooting a lot of Kodak TRI-X black and white on my Nikon FA now. I've also retired my favourite Summarit 35mm lens to be replaced by a faster Voigtländer 35mm F1.7 Ultron Aspherical. It's twice as long but hey.

Black & WhiteNick Bedford