Black & White. Vol 109

This last month or two has been a photographic life changer. I've really started to get my stride and momentum with some new black and white techniques around composition I've been trying ever since visiting Japan and starting to print.

Black & White Vol. 108

We return you to our normal scheduling now. Apologies for the tall verticals. I've been shooting a lot more of them since I began printing my work. Printing has given me a much greater appreciation for the notion of creating art in photography, to the point where I'm composing differently and "for the print".

Black & White Vol. 106 (Japan Digital Edition)

So I spent the last two weeks in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, shot a few hundred images and five rolls of film, have returned and now have a bunch of photographs to put somewhere. This is just the digital photos of my trip. Once I've developed and scanned my film, I'll do a film post, while working on more of an essay on my experience.

Nick Bedford